Infohostels TV - Your Travel TV

Enjoy the Videos from all over the World.

What are we looking for?

You can send all the videos that you think people will like.

Who can add a Video?

Everyone is able to upload a video so be the first Right Now!

What will I get?

All your friends can see it on our sites and also you can be very popular in the Hostels Network.

What Video can I send?

You are the video maker, so please send us all the videos related to Travel, Backpackers and Hostels, we will be happy to post them for you.

How can I add a video?

1. Easy and fast Upload it on Youtube and send us the code we will check and then add it to our TV Programs.
2. You can send us the video and we will upload for you. ( you must prouve that you own the rights of the video )

How can I get inspirerd?

Check out what we have already posted and do it your own way.

Why with us?

Because we are young and we like to share, videos. Let us knwo what you think. Staff will be happy to be contacted by you, email us to Thank you