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Bariloche National Snow Festival: 20 - 27 of June, 2010

Bariloche, Argentina

What you can find in Bariloche in June? National Snow Festival! It is a time for winter fun in Bariloche, since the Snow festival is about to start. The event will be taking place from 20th of June to 27th of June, 2010. Every year the National Snow Festival starts with a firework display and a torchlight procession down the mountain that thrills the visitors from all over the country and the world that come here to share this blissful moment. The beginning of a ski season is celebrated every year with parades, pageants and fireworks in Bariloche. Be there!

What is all about? Before sunset, the National Snow Festival is officially inaugurated with a sky demonstration by the Ski Instructors Association on the slopes of Cerro Cathedral. The Argentine Ski Champion, followed by the best skiers, descend with the National Flag to be hoisted at the foot of the Cathedral. After sunset some two hundred skiers, with the National Flag to be hoisted at the mast at the foot of the Cathedral. After sunset some two hundred skiers, from different ski schools, ski down the slope with flaming torches. The slopes are alight with various patterns as the skiers follow runs down the mountain and then the spectacular firework display lights up the whole hill side.

When you visit Bariloche, you will be in close contact with nature, no matter what time you come. Horse rides through the forest or the mountains, rafting on the Manso river or canoeing on emerald-colour lakes, trekking, and paragliding are just a few of the alternatives you will enjoy during your stay. In wintertime, Alpine and Nordic skiing are practiced mainly on the Cerro Cathedral Winter Sports Center. So if you are a fun of an active life-style, this destination cannot be missed. Situated in the foothills of the Andes, surrounded by lakes Bariloche is waiting for everyone who wants to explore and have fun!

Tourism, both domestic and international, is the main economic activity of Bariloche, all year around. Indigenous traditions, European cultures, and provincial customs blend in everyday life and modern times, resulting in a combination of great city and village life. After the day full of sports, adventures and cultural activities, don't forget to taste the famous local chocolate. Bariloche is the chocolate center of Argentina and the plentiful shops in town offer enough variety to please the chocoholic. Give some taste to your vacations!

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