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Luminato Festival: 11 of June - 20 of July 2010

Toronto, Canada

Creative spirits are welcome to discover the artistic destination. From the 11th of June till the 20th of July 20, 2010 visit Toronto - a place where the arts live. Luminato has taken centre stage as the world's newest international multidisciplinary arts festival encompassing a broad spectrum of creative expression including music, dance, theatre, film, literature, visual arts and lectures. Discover a world of creativity at Luminato with free events all over the city as well as ticketed shows and events. Toronto is looking forward to your visit. Devote some weeks of your spring for Canada.

This year Luminato is celebrating the fourth year of existence, Luminato. During these days Toronto's stages, streets, and public spaces are illuminated with arts and creativity. Many forms of arts in one place you should not be disappointed. Luminato is a multi-disciplinary festival of theatre, dance, classical and contemporary music, film, literature, visual arts, design and more. In addition, its also an educational event - Luminato embraces three key programming principles: collaboration, accessibility, and diversity. Feel free to discover. Stay in a place where cultures join together in a spirit of tolerance and respect.

In serious need of an inexpensive and intensive vacation? Well, the Luminato arts festival in Toronto has your ticket to freedom. With dozens of free events available to the public, you can keep your wallet intact and still enjoy a variety of wonderful activities. There will not be any place for boredom. The organizers - Luminato is a charitable, not-for-profit, cultural organization whose vision is to commission and present significant local, national and international programming that reflects the city of Toronto as a diverse and accessible city that engages domestic and international audiences. Luminato brings Toronto's light to the world, and the world's light to Toronto.

The arts will be taking over Toronto with a series of performances, exhibits and lectures exploring theatre, film, literature, music, dance and the visual arts. Even if you are not a fan of arts, don't miss a chance to enjoy the city. It is more than incredible. Toronto has something to suit everyone. Toronto, one of the highest populated cities in Canada is a city of many cultures and its heritage is an example of this. Toronto has been named as one of the easiest cities to live in due to it having countless positive qualities. Take a change to discover if it is truth.

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