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Polokwane - Host of FIFA World Cup 2010

Polokwane, South Africa

Polokwane, meaning "Place of Safety" is one of the hotspots of the summer season 2010. Founded in the gold rush days of the 1880s, it has witnessed Stone Age nomads, Iron Age settlements, European migrations, wars and political upheaval. Rich in history and natural attractions. For the tourist in today’s peaceful times, it promises an abundance of fascinating sites. Polokwane is known as a city that provides access to various nature and wildlife viewing opportunities for ecotourists. The city will be the host of FIFA World 2010 as well. Discover the best football event and the fabulous nature of Polokwane.

Even though, Polokwane is a small city, it is worth to be visited. The historical and cultural attractions of the region are equally varied. They embrace San rock art, a host of legendary characters who made history in the region. In addition, it is one of the best places to experience the diversity of South Africa's nature. The Polokwane Bird and Reptile Park is home to over 280 species of birds. The Polokwane Game Reserve houses various South African species of wildlife, birdlife, and plants in an unspoiled bushveld environment. Don't miss Between the 11th of June and 11th of July, 2010 it will be the place where action and adrenaline lives. Peter Mokaba Stadium is a brand new reconstructed soccer stadium in the city that will be used for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. When completed in 2010 it will have a capacity of 46,000.

What you can see in this stadium? First off all, the match between Algeria and Slovenia that will be taking place on the 13th of June. In addition, if you want to see the match between the world's strongest teams, don't miss the match Mexico and France on the 17th of June. Greece and Argentina will be competing on the 22nd of June and the last match between Paraguay and New Zealand will be held on the 24th of June. Enjoy the beautiful and professional game and the atmosphere that competition brings.Don't forget to book the tickets in advance!

There is no other game like football. The is no other country like South Africa. Unique combination brings ever-lasting experience. Discover the city that has a diverse history like South Africa itself. The city of Pietersburg was one of the first places in South Africa to change its name to Polokwane. This city boasts the first gold crushing plant in South Africa and was site to one of the largest concentration camps in the Anglo Boer War. To learn about the major part of history of South Africa is the same as to learn about the history of this small-big city.

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