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Peruvian Paso Hose Festival: 15 - 20 of April, 2010

Peru, Lima

Did you know that the Spanish horse, bred with the Arab stallion and reared in a desert environment, which formed its gait, gave rise to the Peruvian Paso horse? For more than 300 years, the blood of this new breed was improved upon until the Paso horse developed the characteristics that have made it one of the world's most beautiful and elegant breeds. If you are interested in seeing all this, you are welcome to visit one of the most unique events in Lima - Peruvian Paso Hose Festival. The capital will be hosting the festival from the 15th to 20th of April, 2010.

What this amazing festival is offering? First of all, local culture and old traditions. Discover the art of ambling - synchronised movements of the hind and forelegs in a parallel manner. This gait in its turn originated the peculiar steps and the jauntiness of the marinera dance. The other experience is called the gear. Comprised by the mantle, the saddle and the linings - and the garments of the chalan (rider) - plain white pants and shirt, straw hat, a poncho made of vicuna fibre, scarf, boots and spurs - are part of this attractive festival.

The most important competition of the festival is the National El Paso Horse Competition held every year. It is the best way to evaluate the skills of saddlers, carpenters, braiders, engravers, silversmiths and saddle blanket makers all combined. In addition, you will be able to observe the small differences of training and preparations that different parts of Peru present. The training of the Peruvian Paso Horse differs from the traditional methods used with other breeds and their schools of equitation.

It is said that Peruvian Paso horse made the history of the country itself. The first horses to reach America with Christopher Columbus on his second expedition were the forebears of the Peruvian horse. In the course of time, breeding stables were set up along the Caribbean Islands and Central America from where Spanish acquired their horses for the Conquest of Peru. Since their arrival to Peru in 1532, horses went through a natural process of selection and adaptation to the environment. Even though, the use of horses as a means of transport declined, their importance and appreciation are still incredible.

City: Lima
Country: Peru
By: Lima Hostels
Published on 29-Mar-2010
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