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Expo 2010: 1 of May - 31 of October, 2010

Shanghai, China

One of the greatest events in 2010 is going to hit the stage. Expo or the World's Fair, is the name given to various large public exhibitions held in different parts of the world. Expo 2010 will be held in Shanghai, China from 1st of May to 31st of October, 2010. What it is all about? It is a scheduled World Expo in the tradition of international fairs and expositions. The main attractions at World's Fairs are the national pavilions, created by participating countries. Experience all the world in one city - Shanghai.

The theme of the exposition will be "Better City – Better Life" and signifies Shanghai's new status in the 21st century as a major economic and cultural center. Participants (More than 190 countries and more than 50 international organization) will display urban civilization to the full extent and exchange their experiences of urban development. The creation if an eco-friendly society and maintenance of the sustainable development will be emphasized during the expositions and various events. The organizers are predicting the record number of participants. 70 million visitors are expected making this Expo the largest Expo in history.

World Expo 2010 Shanghai China is said to be the occasion for China to bring the world at home, and for the world to feel at home in China. Shanghai has been modernized and the city structures have been improved offering more facilities than ever. Massive construction of new metro lines have been undertaken for years in order to serve the traffic demands during 184 days of expositions. It is great change to visit one of the most important cities in Asia. If you have ever been in Shanghai, rediscover the city again and again.

Cannot make this lifetime experience? The organizers are also offering an amazing alternative. Take the other option and visit Expo Shanghai Online. It is a platform for fun alternative Expo experiences and real-time interaction with people and exhibits at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Virtual pavilions and exhibitions will make you feel the spirit of the event even if you are staying far away from China.

After the Expo 2010 the majority of the structures and constructions will be eliminated. However, it is not the rule as there are several notable exceptions. By far the most famous of these is the Eiffel Tower (the most recognized symbol of Paris). Did you know that it was built for the Exposition Universelle in 1889? Only the time will show if Expo 2010 will leave some majestic symbols for the future!

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