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Cape Clear Annual Walking Talking Festival

Cork Ireland 30 April - 2 May

The annual walking-talking weekend consists of a series of guided walks with acknowledged local experts followed by various, informal gatherings all themed around history, folklore, bird-watching, ecology, poetry and song. Participation and interaction are encouraged and groups are kept small to foster a sense of intimacy.

The thrill of a trip to Cape Clear Island often begins at the intriguing Bushes bar in Baltimore. The historic Bushes bar is simply packed full of maritime paraphernalia; from model ships to some very poignant life belts; from photographs of some late and dear sons of Cape to sea charts showing the positions of long lost wrecks. Bide a while here and explore it all and you will start to feel the anticipation build before you wander to the pier in readiness to board the Dun Aenghus or the Cail�n �ir for the delightful cruise across to The Isle of the Clerics � Cape Clear or, in Irish, Oile�in Chl�ire. When the ferry departs you can watch as Ireland recedes into the distance and will, perhaps, feel a sense that the everyday world is just another place & time being left far behind. Cape Clear is said to have its own climate and its own time. Things move a little slower on Cape, a place where neighbours will drop whatever they are doing and will stand and talk and whittle away the hours.

City: Cork
Country: Ireland
By: An Richie
Published on 05-Mar-2010
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