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Istanbul 2010 - European Capital of Culture

Istanbul, Turkey

Through the history Istanbul has served as the capital city of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and the Latin Empire. New millennium brings new beginnings. Istanbul is working hard to show off its best in 2010 and to make sure that title of European capital of Culture was not given without a reason for this Arabian hotspot. The events are taking place all around the city attracting thousands of tourists and media attention every single day.

What is the aim of this EU project? The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for a period of one calendar year during which it is given a chance to showcase its cultural life and cultural development. Everything from visual arts to urban projects are exposed. Istanbul is promoted as a city that has it all. It is a historic center and a destination for culture tourism and a heaven for cultural diversity.

In the run-up to 2010, the authorities embarked on an extensive programme of restoration of sites throughout the city. The capital of Turkey now is more beautiful, more fabulous and more exciting. Probably it is the best time to visit Istanbul and to experience whet the one-year long event is bringing to this city. Just stay tuned. Follow the programme of the event and you will be surprised. If not by the opportunities to see, so by the chances to get involved!

A packed calendar of arts and other events. If you are looking a place to stay, make sure that you book in advance as the best places are taken first. The year is particularly focused on modern and contemporary art in Istanbul. The city has already put the best foot forward in a program of art and culture. What about you?

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