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A Place That Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso can offer you its cosmopolitan, bohemian, pluralist and intercultural spirit. The city is characterized by its narrow coastline, outstanding landmark buildings and peculiar, rambling access that climb the hills that have opened up thanks to traditional funiculars. No one who has ever stepped into the lands of Valparaiso can deny, that its particular charm gives the city a unique identity which also in bound to its geographical location. The trip to Valparaiso could be a very special destination that will blow your mind.

Valparaiso is appreciated, enjoyed and discovered through each step in its numerous promenades, parks, valleys and labyrinths. A walk through the modern and old parts of the city demonstrates the long progression of a history of a country and Valparaiso itself. Don't miss the heritage of the city: visit Pablo Neruda's house, plaza Sotomayor and World Heritage Site. What is more, discover Valparaiso's face by night: people say that a sunset from Paseo 21 de Mayo is amazing.

The traditional food of Valparaiso cannot disappoint as well. Local gastronomy includes mainly seafood and fish, couples with particular flavors of countryside (essence of the seaport city). If you have some time, take a chance to visit the vineyards of Casablance Valley and taste the first-class Chilean vine. Extensive array of coffee shops, bars and pubs should satisfy even the most complicated taste.

Furthermore, Valparaiso can offer a wide range of entertainment too. Open air concerts, music and theater shows together with cinema festivals create the atmosphere of movement and vibration. Numerous museums, fairs exhibitions and colorful variety of clubs will keep you awake during the day and night equally. It's a city of flavors and enjoyment that are beyond imagination.

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