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Naples - City of Mediterranean Atmosphere

Naples, Italy

Be careful, keep your eye on your wallet and be attentive in the crowd. The capital of Southern Italy - Naples (Napoli) - is known for the pickpockets, noise and never ending traffic. However, the only one thing you should be really afraid of is to be enchanted by Naples' beauty and charism. Passionate, rich of history, emotionally shaped, confusing and enthusiastic - it is the face of Naples that cannot be overseen. At the first sight the city might seem a little bit intimidating, but quickly you will the absorbed into the way of local life.

If you are taking trip to this Souther capital, make sure you take a comfortable pair of shoes with you. Since the traffic is rather horrendous, it is better to discover Naples by foot. Wandering around the city is a part of discovery as the street life is vibrant and beguiling. The castles: Castel Nuovo e Castel dell'Ovo (that was built between the 9th and 16th centuries) will definitely catch your attention. Thousands of churches and southern style of architecture deserve your visit as well. Just let yourself to explore!

In addition, Naples is famous for its cuisine. Not without a reason the symbol of Naples is pizza. The best one, the tastiest one and the most traditional one - you have to taste it to believe. Furthermore, Naples takes the advantage of being the port city, therefore, the strong emphasis on seafood and fish are being put. Desert cannot go without a portion of ice cream (everyone will have a lot to choose from) and a cup of Italian coffee - espresso. Mediterranean flavors are rich and intense. Take a bit of Neapolitan character.

What is more, the surroundings of Naples are as much as impressive as the city itself. You can always take a trip to Pompeii - the city covered by the layer of pumice and volcanic ash in 79 AD or to Capri Island - probably the most fashionable island in Italy. Discover the city that represents a different face of Italy.

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