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City That Will Live In Your Mind Forever

Vienna, Austria

The 21st century can be defined as the time of Vienna's revival. Once the Austrian capital had been known as a glorious center of a huge and powerful empire. Soon after the World Wars its influence started to fade away. However, nowadays Vienna is in a process of redefining: it is turning into stylish and vibrant European cultural center. So, rediscover the city of composers and you will see that it is worth much more than a short stop on travelling path.

Wandering Vienna's streets is a good treat for the architecture's lovers. The most impressive historical relict - St. Stephen's Cathedral - an astonishing creation touched by Gothical epoch. In addition, the spectacularly baroque Belvedere Palace and Schonbrunn Palace will take you breath away. These imperial gateways are like the witnesses of the history that remind the times when the Habsburgs were very rich and powerful. And that is not all - Imperial Palaces, Spanish ridding school as well as millions of parks should keep your eyes and imagination busy all the time.

Vienna is probably the most famous for the classical music. Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Schubert and Strauss were among those who found the inspiration in this city. Most of the artists, musicians and writers used to gather in cafes to swap ideas or just sit, creating a bohemian atmosphere. This spirit of cultural golden age is still alive. Furthermore, Vienna's concert halls and opera buildings are worth seeing just for their extravagant decorations. Give yourself a chance to discover.

The city has been famous for its glass and porcelain work for more than 200 years. These unique souvenirs, like any other shopping options can be found in the city center, just around the St. Stephen's Cathedral. If you are visiting city in a winter - a glass of local hot wine is a must. Thus, Wandering the mysterious passageways and alleys of Vienna becomes the highlight of any visit.

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