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Wine & Food Festival, 25-28 of February, 2010

Miami, USA

Love entertaining and watching cooking shows but hate cooking? This problem can be solved easily as one of the most famous events - South Beach Wine & Food Festival - is going to hit Miami. Between the 25th and 28th of February, 2010 World-renowned culinary festival brings celebrity chefs to Miami to headline millions of tasty events. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the best food, wide array of wines and hospitality of cosmopolitan city.

Even though, the festival has a short history, it can boast of deep traditions. The South Beach Wine & Food Festival presented by Food & Wine began as a one-day festival known as the Florida Extravaganza in 1997. Presently more that 50.000 guests are gathering to enjoy and evaluate the creations of world class chefs. In addition, the event receives a huge amount of media coverage. Be there, where flavor and taste is an essential and big part of the show. Food festivals are a great vacation idea for those who are looking for a true relaxation.

The event will be taking place in Various locations in South Beach. This year's hosts include well known faces such as Rachael Ray, Paula Dean, Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Flay, and many more. Join the spirit of the festival. Despite the traditional food and wine tasting the event will also include book signings, seminars, organized dinners, and parties. Moreover, all the visitors will have a chance to join an online auction, where they can bid on amazing dining packages, exciting getaways, insider experiences and many other luxury items.

You are encouraged to mark the event on your calendar. The full program of the festival can be found at: Don't forget to reserve and to buy the tickets in advance as the festival is getting more and more popular as the time goes by... It is not only about food, it is about the whole experience...

City: Miami
Country: USA
By: Miami Hostels
Published on 12-Gen-2010
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