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Traditions And Modernity All Together

Shanghai, China

Historically The valley of Yangtze river was the richest and most prosperous land in China. Perfect conditions for the agriculture allowed ancient Chinese civilization to develop into one of the most powerful civilizations in the world. The people of the region used to enjoy a mostly affluent, stable lifestyle and Epicurean attitude. The valley was also the place where one of the world's oldest cities was born. Shanghai had been observing not only the ancient power of civilization but also is enjoying the fame at the present time.

Currently Shanghai is known as the biggest city of China and one of the most important commercial centers of the country. It is also the place where Asian culture and traditions meet the Western, making Shanghai truly cosmopolitan. Business districts, skyscrapers and shopping streets (like Nanjing Road) will show off the modern face of the city. What is more, the lights of the Bund and Puxi skyscrapers at night must be seen. In addition, some amazing examples of Soviet neoclassical architecture can be found. Even though, often viewed as a modern metropolis, Shanghai still contains some picturesque rural suburban areas. Just take some time to discover!

Ancient Shanghai has a lot to offer as well. First of all, the traditional food cannot be missed. Not without a reason, the Yangtze river valley was known as a land of "Rice and Fish". Take a glimpse to a lavish past of the city! The main attractions of the city include: Jade Buddha Temple, Bud and Yu garden in the old town and the Zhujiajiao - the ancient town on waterways. The nightlife can amaze you as well. Despite the millions of clubs and pubs, the acrobatic Chinese shows should be visited as well.

Shanghai possesses its own style to eulogize the peaceful and Arcadian life, as well as to spin you into the non-stopping circle of entertainment. Every corner and street of the city can give you new experience and different feeling. So, don't forget to take all the best of Shanghai when you are in the city.

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