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The Birthday of the City: 18th of January 2010

The Anniversary of the Founding of Lima

Celebrations are always welcome. The birthdays - even more. It is widely known that the Birthday is one of the most precious days in the life of everyone. It is a time to celebrate, enjoy and relax. The biggest party of the year is on the horizon. And you are invited! On the 18th of January 2010, the capital of Peru, Lima is celebrating its 475 anniversary. A party is always enhanced by a tasteful gift... The only present that city needs - is you!

The foundation of Lima or so-called "City of Kings" (La Ciudad de los Reyes) in 1535 is celebrated greatly annually on 18th of January. This annual celebration is always rich with great music and dance, and this year is not an exception: the celebration includes a wide range of cultural and historical exhibitions on colonial times, open-air concerts, and traditional singing and dancing. The "pasacalle", a popular parade with dancers representing diverse regional folkloric dances - is a must for everyone coming to greet the city.

Furthermore, in the Plaza de Armas, star-studded dance and music concerts are going to hit the capital the night before (on the 17th of January, 2010). The main celebration party will be a whole evening full of entertainment, interactive events, and fun culminating in the arrival of Midnight firework show. Experience this delight of the night. Loudly, brightly, wildly and colorfully - that's how the city is going to celebrate its anniversary.

Lima is like a magnet attracting people from all over the world. It is hard to resist its charm. The capital of Peru is famous for its warmth and hospitality, let alone, vibrant and the ongoing never stopping nightlife. Be there and celebrate Lima's History!

City: Lima
Country: Peru
By: Lima Hostels
Published on 01-Gen-2010
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