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Gondola - Venice's Unique Maritime Craft

Venice, Italy

Most of the world's famous cities have their own symbols. New York is usually called "the big apple", Paris cannot be imagined without Eiffel Tower, London is associated with the red buses and Buenos Aires with a dance of tango. One of the most romantic cities in the world - Venice - cannot be imagined without the gondola. It is a long wooden boat used as a transportation mean in the canals of a city.

The history of gondola began in the Renaissance epoch in Venice. It has been used as a main public transport for more than 900 years. Due to the frequent use of gondola during the winter months it used to be even equipped with a small open cabin to provide the shelter. The nobles of the city used to have more than one gondola at disposal. They were used not only as the mean of transportation, but also for business and recreational purposes.

Today gondolas are used in the field of tourism. It is a top attraction of the city. Who can imagine the trip to Venice without a classic ride along the canals? The city reveals its beauty when you are on the board: you can observe Rialto Bridge (oldest and most famous bridge in Venice), Palazzo Ducale (amazing Gothic architecture), let alone a wide variety of magical Renaissance buildings.

In addition, the walking tour of the city is a must. Everyone should visit Saint Mark's Basilica (Byzantine character and great mosaics), Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari church (one of the main churches in Venice) and Carlo Goldoni's House (spectacular, theatrical place). There is no way that Venice can turn down your expectation. Its a little miracle just waiting to be experienced.

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