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KHATULISTIWA , One Of A Kind Wearable ART!

Unique Clothing for Unique persons

A passionate traveller, Jolene, presents you a wearable art! She used to travel with the luggage all over the world and now is proud to present her store and unique clothing collection.

South East Asia is famous for our hand-drawn batik and hand-printed batik. Hand-drawn batik is created when designs are drawn on white fabric with hot liquid wax; using a metal object called tjanting (pronounced "chanting"). Hand-printed batik is where hot liquid wax is stamped on white fabric using a metal stamp. When the wax outlines are done, colorful dyes are painted in. And then the fabric is boiled to remove the wax. This whole process is repeated again and again depending on how complex the whole design is. That is why each piece of batik is unique. It's ART and you can wear it!

I have many unique items in my store. Mainly colorful poncho kaftans and sarongs. Kaftans are great for traveling as they are loose-fitting one-size tops, so it’s comfy to lounge around in a kaftan, plus it makes great beach cover-ups. Sarongs are versatile travel gear as you can use them as beach cover-ups over your swimwear, beach mat, head wrap, shawl or as a wrap around skirt.

I chose to name my store Khatulistiwa because I live in Malaysia which is in South East Asia near the equator. It is "summer" 365 days a year here in Malaysia. Khatulistiwa means the "equator" in our Malay language. Malaysia is a place where 3 main races - the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians live together in harmony. So our culture is quite a rich blend of these 3 main races - the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the way we speak is influenced by the best of these 3 cultures.

This is my passion. I love the thought that someone living thousands of miles away from me could wear something I sell. Many of my buyers tend to return for more treasures time after time and I'm happy that some of them have become my faraway friends. I hand-pick everything you see in my store. I run my store by myself, so my buyers know that each time they come back, they will have my personal attention.

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