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Kuala Lumpur Has It All

Malaysias Modern Capital

Malaysia is a country where harmony and peace are an essential part of everyday life. Many people from a variety of cultural backgrounds live in Malaysia, and therefore the mix of people and religions means there hundreds of vibrant festivals every year. Being sociable and having a love for celebration is a popular characteristic for both locals and travellers. There are amazing contrasts in the landscape from huge skyscrapers to wooden homes supported by stilts.

The nightlife in the city of Kuala Lumpur is lively and energetic. The city is also the host to various eye-catching art exhibits and concerts, that also show a contrast, with a mixture of styles from a range of cultures. The beauty of Malaysia is increased by the unique scattered islands. With ease, anyone can have a go at the many water activities available or chill at the beach and try to catch a few fish on the Malaysian islands.

Malaysia attracts tourists from all over the globe. With energetic and enjoyable dance forms, popular festivals like the warrior dance and the bamboo dance, the country is in fact the home not only to several cultures, but also wonders and attractions. Malaysia is one of the budding South-East Asian nations, a nation that is looking ahead to the future but still has a strong appreciation for past traditions.

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