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Beijing - Reflection of Chinese Culture

Oriental Heritage

The Yellow river boasts to be a cradle of ancient Chinese civilization. The country that once had a glorious and prosperous heyday, left shining historic relicts for the further generations. Presently China is considered to be a country full of contrasts: rich and poor, old and new, ordinated and chaotic. However, some of the cities are still continuing to live their as if they are in "golden ages". One of them is Beijing.

Beijing - a present capital of China - is one of the most famous architectural miracles of the world. Who does not know the Forbidden City (the largest ancient palatial structure in the world), Summer palace (a former summer resort of imperial family) or the Great Wall (an amazing feat of human labor)? This ancient city is full of mystery and charm: it can boast of thousands of narrow streets, temples, traditional little houses and symbols of modernity - huge skyscrapers. Beijing is the city that can amaze you in so many ways.

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In addition, the food lovers cannot be disappointed, as Beijing is the city where well known Roast Beijing Duck was introduced. One should definitely try some of traditional delicatessen seafood. Want to explore something new? Try Chinese food therapy - the healing methods using natural foods instead of medications.

The stay in Beijing leads to explore the history, enjoy the brilliant culture and strong flavor of folkways. Imperial gardens, parks and scenic areas are popular attractions for those who want to escape from crowded city. A wide range of restaurants, theaters, operas (Beijing opera is lauded as one of the highest achievements of modern Chinese culture) architectural monuments brings to the world that cannot be forgotten.

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