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December in Moscow

Its Not All About Cold

Have you been dreaming about white trees, frozen lakes, breathtaking cold and falling snowflakes all around since you were a child? Yes? Meet December in Russia! Feel what it is like to be there! Moscow has always been famous for its hospitality and openness. Cold climate, but hot city. This year the capital of Russia is announced to be the capital of snow as well.

Known for its theatres, ballet schools, museums and cultural heritage, city is often called "a Mecca of arts". All year round city is full of life and entertainment. However, in December it is offering much more: Orthodox Christmas at the Kremlin and concerts on Red Square, as well as Russian Winter Festival. Despite the freezing temperature, many of traditional Russian events draw crowds at Izmailovo Park. Festival includes vodka tasting, traditional snacks and sleigh rides. It's not good enough? Than you are welcome to visit the international festival - Jazz Voices and International Film Festival for Children!

Fans of outdoor activities should definitely go to Ice Skating rink at Gorky Park. It is one of the most popular amusement parks in Moscow that is open all year round. During the winter the footpaths flood over and freeze, which allow ice-skating around the park. Enjoy this unique opportunity.

After experiencing all this fun, go to the city center. Moscow downtown, is a must see for travelers of all ages! In addition, the degustation of Russian food cannot be missed. Soups, traditional pancakes, main courses and beverages will give you energy and warmth to keep on having fun.

City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Published on 14-Nov-2009
Section City Live
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