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Show-Dinner Ercolano Naples

A Sunday in the Lounge

The "Food and Theater" review proposes a new and exciting event: "A Sunday in the lounge, fairy tales and emotions of taste. Guests of Villa San Gennariello, historic Bourbon Villa in Portici, we greet you with starting of autumn, showing an unprecedented and innovative formula of entertainment.
Actor Salvatore Esposito will take you to discover the most fascinating stories of our oral tradition, in an irreverent and exciting game with the guests, moving in the spaces of the Villa, will narrate and sing Fairytale of Earth, Fire and Water, a work composed and set to music by Master Giovanni D'Angelo, who introduces you to our cultural tradition, with famous fairy tales like the legend of Vesuvius and Capri, the Yanara and the fish Nicola. The entire narrative path will be joined in different spaces with a tasting of warm flavors and smells of autumn, from appetizer, Irpino wine and roast chestnuts of Montella in the cellar, at the tasting of excellent Neapolitan Chocolate, accompanied by Rum.
One Sunday afternoon relaxing, exciting and innovative, aiming to recreate a familiar and friendly, as a historic cultural salon, accompanied by masterful narrative of fairy tales and the heat of the products of our land.
The dates will be October 18 and November 1, the beginning of the evening at 19:00.

City: Naples
Country: Italy
Published on 16-Ott-2009
Section City Live
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