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Vancouver 2010

XXI Olympics Games

The 20th Olympic Winter Games in Torino are over.
May the flame they ignited in our hearts burn forever.
Torino showed the world how excellence in organization can be achieved working side by side with one another.
The best of the best was in Torino. For two unforgetable weeks Italy was home to the mayor sporting competition in the world. The dream of every athlete.

Athletes showed us what human spirit can attain, we shared their victories as well as their defeats.
Athletes demonstrate that every human been with determination can make their dreams come true by the means of working and training with one goal in mind.
Those who won a medal are champions, just as much as those who didn't.
Every one who is determined to sacrifice their time and effort is a champion.

Four years from now Canada will have the wonderful opportunity to host the biggest celebration in human history in Vancouver 2010. The only event where competition can be held in peace. Every human being's dream.

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