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Zurich Street Parade 8 August, 2009

Zurich, Switzerland

The Zurich Street Parade began in 1992, inspired by the Berlin Love Parade in Germany. Today, the parade has turned into an enormous event attracting thousands to the streets of Zurich every summer. The parade takes place on the 8th of August, reccuring annually.

A mathematics student from Zurich is responsible for giving the city it's very own Love Parade, which he called a "demonstration in support of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance." The parade and it's festivities start in the early afternoon and last all day long, travelling up and down the city's streets and ending at Hafendamm Enge.

There are various parties that take place both before and after the parade itself, hosted by different groups and organizations. They take place throughout the city in various bars and clubs, and you can hear music everywhere, especially house and techno styles.

When: 8th August, 2009 Where: Zurich Cost:Free

City: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
Published on 29-Lug-2009
Section City Live
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