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Malaysia Truly Asia

A paradise in SE Asia

There's a plethora of things to do & see in Malaysia. “Yeah yeah” you may be saying, but seriously! When I say tons, there are tons! Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia makes Malaysia in entirety, though East Malaysia is accessible only by flight separated by the South China Sea, we are still one country. The diversity is apparent, but the values remain the same. As a Malaysian myself, the melting pot of cultures never ceases to amaze me!

Having grown up and lived in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, also the centre of the hustle & bustle of the country, we grow up with development. Building of new expressways and roads, watching the clearing of a site from what it was, and slowly watching the development of the building… it's an interesting experience that fly by the eyes of most KL urbanites. It happens so often and so rapidly that it becomes a blind spot to most... and before you know it, there's a new building in town!

The building of new expressways and roads, leads to personal discoveries of hidden smaller short cut roads that take us to the same destination, while avoiding traffic jams, which have become somewhat of a problem in KL. Of course in any developing country, the common gripe is the traffic jams. I personally find driving therapeutic, and some might call me crazy for driving in the KL traffic can be nothing short of frustrating! But throughout my years of living in KL, I have found certain expressways that incline so nicely that as you drive up the incline, the sky is slowly revealed like the scrolling of a painting - this is my favourite spot to drive along during the sunset. Then there are roads that escalate so high that my adrenalin rushes while leaving the ground waaay down there. My other discoveries of the smaller hidden roads is always an adventure I look forward to. Imagine listening to the traffic update on the radio (which has become an essential during rush hour) and instead of using the usual route, try taking the other one. Yes, you may hit some dead ends… and maybe end up somewhere else, but the point is, you never really know til you try. Because of developments, smaller roads have become under utilized... and there are lots of them in KL! The hidden back roads of KL are always fascinating to discover... it's an adventure in itself!

Having visited and studied abroad, while other countries pose lovely landscapes and greener than green grass, the smell of romance in the air... Malaysia too has its charm. I am slowly taking my time to discover it. I have lived her 28 years of my life, even I haven't seen most of Malaysia! While having been to the typical tourist spots, I yearn to find the hidden treasures of Malaysia. Starting off in KL first, I plan adventure outings with friends. I'm somewhat of an adrenalin junkie, so finding exciting mountains and hills to climb excites me as much as climbing them!

One of the hidden treasures - The Klang Gates Ridge (aka Bukit Tabur) is one of my favourites. Averaging around 200 feet high, this ridge is the longest Quartz-Rich Ridge in the world! The hike up is steep and hiking in the dark can be a challenge. The best time to start hiking up is at 6am and reaching the first peak by 7am. Try glancing back as you hike up, the view of the dam as the sun rises is jaw dropping! This dam provides water to most of KL! To think that we we’re only minutes away from the city! You can even see the entire city!

Chill out on the rocks while watching the sun rise!

Getting to the first peak is only half the fun! The lateral climb through 5 peaks proves to be a feat. While it doesn’t really test your stamina, some experience in climbing would be an added advantage, but not essential, with balance & footing playing utmost importance. Stepping on the ledge and looking at the drop 150-200 feet down never stops setting my adrenalin pumping - all with no harnesses! You only have your arms and legs to get you through the climb… and determination of course.

The entire ridge takes about 2-4 hours depending on individual climbing levels & speed. Some older folks hike up to the first peak on weekday mornings!

Like I said, Malaysia has a plethora of adventurous activities to suit anyone at any age with any interest. I don’t lie

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