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10 Things Not To Miss In Venice

Venice, Italy

Piazza San Marco One of the most beautiful and well-known squares in all of Italy, Piazza San Marco is something everyone should see when in Venice. Window shop, take some beautiful pictures and just enjoy yourself!

Bridge of Sighs You must buy a ticket for the Palazzo Ducale in order to see the inside of the bridge. However, you can obtain an amazing view of the Bridge Of Sighs just by standing on the bridge near the canal to the side of the Palazzo.

Mercato di Rialto Outdoor markets are absolutely always worth seeing in Italy. It's one of the best ways to get a taste of the culture and watch Italians at work. At the Rialto Market, you can hear the vendors shouting in an effort to sell products. You can see the colors of the fish, the fruit, the meats and vegetables, and you can smell the tasteful aroma of herbs and spices that surround you.

Wander the Streets The streets of Venice are an enchanting, winding maze that lead you to feel as if you've just stumbled upon a new world. It takes little imagination to transport you back into the 15th century. Getting lost in Venice is almost more exciting than having your day planned out because it allows you to discover new things as you go. Piazzas, cafes and streets empty of tourists, quiet and tranquil. The way it was long ago.

Check Out A Free Concert Although in Venice free concerts and shows are not widely promoted, you can always find flyers in the bars and cafes, or look for the posters plastered outside churches and museums. During the month of May, it's culture week in Venice, where many museums host free events and exhibits. For free concert listings in Italian, visit the "Music In Venice" website!

Watch a Glass-Blowing Demonstration on Murano Island Visiting at least one of the nearby islands on your trip is a great idea and what better island than Murano to watch the glass-blowing demonstration! Educational and entertaining, it is also extremely interesting to watch. You're allowed to take photos and video record your memories as well, so you'll have something to show to your friends back home!

Wander the Streets of Burano Island If you have a few days in Venice and want to see even more, take a vaporetto further into the lagoon for a trip to Burano Island. Usually less crowded than Murano, Burano is a small island famous for it's brightly painted houses and buildings, making it the perfect backdrop for a mid-day stroll. The colors are so cheerful and brilliant, it's hard not to find yourself smiling! It's also a wonderful spot for picture taking.

Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade The Grand Canal in the evening is probably one of the most romantic places in all of the world. Only a gondola ride can truly capture the magic of Venice. Gondola rides take you and your's on a beautiful ride through the night. You will be captivated by the elegance and glamour of Venice and it's magnificent palaces that line the Grand Canal. One of the gondoliers even plays music and sings throughout the ride, making it an unforgettable event!

The Jewish Ghetto In 1516, the Doge forced Venice's Jewish population into the old cannon-foundry area (ghetto is the Venetian word for foundry), creating the first Jewish ghetto in Europe. At its height, the ghetto housed 5000 people in buildings up to seven stories high, making them among the tallest tenements in Europe at the time. Visit the oldest synagogue, or schola, the Schola Grande Tedesca (German Synagogue) which shares a building with the Museo Ebraico di Venezia (Hebrew Museum of Venezia).

Venice Ghost Walking Tour Venice by night is a place of romance and mystery. This ghost walking tour takes you on a journey through hidden Venice, and tells the tale of six fascinating ghost stories that bring a chill to the night air! In addition to hearing ghostly stories and legends, you will also hear the little-known facts about Venice and it's history;it will feel as if you have Venice to yourself, as the only sounds you'll hear will be the echoes of distant footsteps.

City: Venice
Country: Italy
Published on 13-Mag-2009
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