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Kaohsiung Taiwan

South East Asia Pearl

One of the busiest seaports in Asia and Taiwan's second largest city, Kaohsiung is also home to the country's largest steel mill, shipyard, petrochemical complexes and a thriving fishing industry. The Port was developed during Japanese occupation (1895-1945) and after the end of WWII, the city was placed under Chinese administration.

Kaohsiung develped rapidly and is now an exporting centre serving the rich agricultural interior of southern Taiwan and the mountains in the southeast. The city has attempted to incorporate the environment into new construction and is a model of forward thinking for the rest of Taiwan. One example is in Northern Kaohsiung where rocks, waterweeds and wooden pegs have been used in the construction of the 34 hectare Neiweibei Cultural Park instead of concrete and cement.

In this city, you will find lush green parks along with modern architecture, old temples, hot springs, night markets and a burgeoning restaurant and bar scene which gives Kaohsiung its growing appeal for leisure tourism.

With Taiwan's first high-speed rail system launched recently, travel between the capital Taipei and Kaohsiung is now an easy day trip.

Currency New Taiwan Dollar (NT$)

Climate Average daily temperature is 25 deg C

Best time to visit Oct-Mar

Unique festivals Matzu's Birthday (March); dragon boat festival (May); Kuanyin's Birthday (Aug/Sep)

Activities Shopping, trekking, eating

Must visit Temples, museums, night markets, trails.

Must try Noodles at Liuho Night Market

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