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Chiang Mai Thailand

South East Asia Pearl

You will find the second largest city in Thailand nestled in a ring of mountains in the north of the country. Chiang Mai has a history that dates back to Lanna Kingdom 700 years ago and a very distinctive culture with a mix of local, ethnic and expatriate communities. With lovely landscape, the area is known as the Rose of the North and

has preserved it's heritage and old ways despite economic progress. A perfect holiday dstination with something for everyone, Chiang Mai offers visitors quaint guest houses, beautiful resorts, visits to the hill tribes, shopping and outdoor activities such as trekking. The city is a labyrinth for shopping from cheap goods and handmade products, a must is shopping for silver and handpainted handicrafts.

Currency Thai Baht (THB)

Climate Average daily temperature of 30 degrees celsius

Best time to visit Late October to early February

Unique festivals Sonkran Water Festival (April)

Activities Shopping, eating, trekking

Must visit Temples and hill tribes

Must try Khao soi (curried noodles), khan toke (a complete meal with sticky rice)

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