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Balikpapan Indonesia

South East Asia Pearl

Beginning as a fishing village, Balikpapan, a city in East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo is now a centre of the petroleum, mining and timber industries.
Before the oil development era, Balikpapan was a quiet town but now has progressed and expanded in size to cater for the majority of people who earn a

living from working in the oil industry. Today, there is a diverse mix of people and the city is a mix of sophistication and tradition. You can visit the

Orangutan Conservation Reserve, visit a rainforest and walk through the tops of trees on bridges or take a trip out to Samarinda where you can visit a

typical village of the Dayaks, known for their skill at handicraft. If people wish to see the real side of Indonesia, this should be a definite stop over,

especially if you want to eat some unbelievably fresh seafood.

Currency Indonesian rupah (IDR)

Climate Tropical

Best time to visit May-Sept, when it's dry

Unique festivals Hari Raya Puasa (date according to the Muslim calendar)

Activities Diving, snorkelling, jungle trekking

Must visit Dayak cultural village; Mahakam River for a riverboat cruise

Must try Seafood; spicy nasi padang (rice eaten with meat, fish and vegetables)

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