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10 years of Hostels Awards

The chain of hostels Equity Point has won 8 awards for its hostel in Marrakech and for one of its hostels in Barcelona, in recognition of its performance in 2008

10th February 2009
The hostels chain Equity Point based in Barcelona started operating 10 years ago and it currently runs three hostels in Barcelona, one in Madrid and one in Marrakech; with a total of around 1,000 beds. In 2009 Equity Point plans to increase its offer of accommodation with a new hostel in Girona and the expansion of its hostel in Marrakech.

This year two of its hostels in Barcelona and Marrakech have won awards from two of the most important reservation portals at the moment: and, and have been awarded with a total of 8 prizes. These awards are granted yearly and they are based on users� ratings via the Internet after having stayed at the establishments. The ratings assess different aspects such as cleanliness, location, services offered and staff.

This year the chain has won a total of 8 awards:

Through the reservations engine for Equity Point Hostel in Marrakech as the Best Hostel in Morocco and the Best Hostel in Africa.

Through the reservations portal Gomio for Centric Point Hostel in Barcelona, as the Top Rated Hostel 2008 and Top Location, and for Equity Point Hostel in Marrakech, as the Top Rated Hostel 2008, Top Location, Best Staff 2008, and Cleanest Hostel 2008.

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