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The Great Wall of China

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One of the greatest man made structures of the world is The Great Wall of China. Found in Beijing and lining the northern borders, the Great Wall stretches out over more than 6400 kilometers of land. Taking more than 2000 years to build and costing in excess of 2 million lives throughout the duration of construction, it's no wonder The Great Wall of China is a favourite destination for travellers.

Emporer of China Qin Shi Huang ordered the beginning of construction in 220-200 BC. Future dynasties continued the building and restoration of The Great Wall for the protection from the northern territory. Bricks were transported by mules and donkeys along the trail, although the first materials used were wood, stones and earth. Unfortunately this has led to deterioration of the wall.

Today there are many tours available for tourists to take, some of which include a nights sleep over on the wall itself during the summer months. Combined with a sunset hike, this can make for an amazing experience. There are various villages you can stop in to take in the scenery and way of life, and the resting place for 13 Chinese Emporers is enroute at The Ming Tombs.

Whether you want to leisurely stroll a segment of the wall or attempt to cover more ground, The Great Wall of China is truely a piece of history you can literally walk along!

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