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Venice Carnival 2009

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The Carneval di Venezia is without a doubt the most celebrated event of the year for the region. From the 13th until the 24th February the canals are packed with parties, music, masquarades, processions and theatrical street performances. The small walkways and canals come alive with visitors from all over the world to experience this event, the most colourful and theatrical happening of the year.

Revellers wear the traditional bauto, which is a hood and cape. The Tabarro is a long cloak worn over top and the tricorn hat completes the look. This costume gives the wearer complete anonymity.

Every year there is a new theme and 2009 sees 'Sensation' as the chosen motif. Inspired by the senses, Venice invites you to hear, see, touch, smell and taste the cities six districts and all they have to offer.

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