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Jumbo Hostel Stockholm

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Do you want a unique experience?
Sleep in a Jumbo Jet!
The idea for the Jumbo Hostel is to take the 500 seats away and convert it into a youth hostel where the cabin will be used as the luxury suite.

You can spend a night aboard, and choose gorgeous three-bed rooms with shared shower and toilet in the corridor or the luxury suite in the converted cockpit with its panoramic view of the airport.

It will be a funny experience to visit a Jumbo Jet of the model 747-200 built in 1976, to have a coffee and enjoy the view from the left wing of the plane!

From now on you can book one of the 25 rooms .

All rooms have a flat screen tv where you can, among other things, watch the times of departure for all flights. Everywhere in the jumbo jet you have access to wireless broadband. All rooms offer a shower and toilet in the corridor, except for a few luxurious rooms upstairs which boast their own shower and wc.

Jumbo Hostel is only a ten minute walk away from the check-in counters at Arlanda, and so it will be the best way to visit Arlanda and Stockholm and get to the airport on time!

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