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Christmas Shopping in Varna

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Christmas time in Bulgaria is filled not only with great shopping for your friends and family, but also many much-loved traditions.

Christmas Eve is considered to be just as important as Christmas day. Family and friends gather together for a huge feast the night before Christmas with 12 dishes served on straw. The dishes represent the 12 months of the year and contain no meat. If you are lucky you will find a piece of silver in your piece of bread or cake that has been inserted to bring good fortune to the person who finds it.

For your shopping needs a good place to stop is Varna. For a start, Piccadilly Park will be your one stop for finding Bulgarian wines and liquors. Central Plaza in Chaika stocks evrything you need in clothing and shoes, as well as the odd coffee shop for a much needed shopping break!

Pfohe Mall is enroute to the main airport and has many Western brand-named footwear and clothing as well as the usual Eastern European fashions. You can also find many jewellery stores that sell DKNY watches, or the ever popular chunky silver braclet or necklace.

If you are still stuck for choice, head to any of the hotel chain shopping complexes such as Best Western, Hilton or The Sheraton. These cater to tourists and will have a wide range of Bulgarian Christmas goodies waiting for you to take away.

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