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Thanksgiving Nov. 27th

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On November 27th the legal holiday of Thanksgiving will be observed all over the United States. This historic holiday is one of the only holidays in the US that is not religious based, it is in fact harvest based. After the difficult sixty five day journey from Europe to the New World, the Pilgrims were met with horrific winter weather conditions. Of the 110 people who landed, less than fifty survived the first winter. The following year the Pilgrims befriended the Native Americans, who taught them how to prepare for the harsh winter conditions as well as how to plant crops efficiently. The harvest of this year was plentiful and the Pilgrims were thankful for the kindness of the land and the kindness of their new Indian neighbors. A three day celebration was held in which the Native Americans and Pilgrims played games and feasted together, giving thanks for all they had accomplished since the previous year. Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated in nearly every household across the US. Family and friends come together in order to give thanks for a bountiful year and general health and well being. A huge feast usually consisting of turkey, stuffing, gravy, an assortment of vegetables and of course the traditional pumpkin pie is offered to all who attend. If you can weasel an invite, you to will be thankful!

City: Boston
Country: USA
Published on 19-Nov-2008
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