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Bon Om Touk November 10-13

Full moon on Cambodia

Starting on the full moon of November (10th), Bon Om Touk is a celebration that marks the natural flow reversal of the Tonle Sap River in Cambodia. During the monsoon season, the water levels of the lower Mekong rise extensively, forcing the water back up.
This event also marks the start of the fishing season, which is a main source of income for many Cambodians, making for a good excuse to party!
A lively Carnival atmosphere is created during the three days fallowing the full moon.
Markets, traditional foods, cultural displays, fairground rides and fireworks along the river heighten the excitement.

One of the most notable events during the Bon Om Touk is the boat races. Dating back to the ninth century and the reign of King Jayavarman VII, these races were initially a form of Army training. King Jayavarman VII preferred to battle on water and he used this race to seek out the champion of sailing and thus, leader of battle.

Today, hundreds of brightly painted boats, some as big as 100ft. with over eighty rowers, race down the Tonle Sap River to the beat of tribal drums and methodical chants.
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