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Cape Town 5 - 7 November 08'

Wisky Live Festival

Taking place first at Cape Town International Convention Centre and then at Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, the Whisky Live Festival features a huge variety of whiskies from around the world, attracting an audience of around 15,000 whisky lovers.

Cape Town's Whisky Live Festival is divided into sections. Visit the Sensory Zone for fine foods and whisky pairing, Dewar's Blending Zone for interactive blend tutorials and the Flavour Map to discover new flavours.

There are also workshops at the Whisky Live Festival, which are led by international experts and offer a variety of whiskies to sample which are not available in the Tasting Hall.

The Festival's growth has matched the mammoth increase of sales of premium whisky in Africa's youngest democracy.So fierce is the growth that the country now sits firmly in the top ten global importers of Scotch Whisky, both by value and volume.Three years ago, South Africa never registered.

Attendance to both Festivals grows annually with hordes of folk eager to learn more about whisky. Actually 94% of visitors last year posted their experience at the Festival as excellent.The growth of visitors who had attended for the first time is also high.

The Festival has proved to be a wonderful launch pad for new brands eager to take advantage of an emergent market and possibly use the country's distribution and marketing network to penetrate the untapped African market.

The Festival hosts a large number of international whisky distillers, ambassadors and experts.Industry VIPs now plan their visits to this part of the world around 'Whisky Festival time,capitalizing on the experience.

Various new initiatives will be introduced at the 2008 Festival. So successful was their inaugural involvement with Whisky Festival, that Pyotts have expanded their presence in the sensory zone offering a pairing of fine foods and whisky.

The Lexus Connoisseur's Experience ­ the Ultimate Guided Tour, offering a chauffeur drive, a personalized guided tour of the Whisky Festival with 'unique' tastings and followed by dinner in the Whisky Leisure Lounge, will be returning to the Festival. An exclusive ladies only tour will be on offer this year.

The Whisky Leisure Lounge will once again provide the perfect forum for client entertainement ­ an exclusive lounge, offering dinner, whisky cocktails and exclusive tastings of 'unusual whiskies' conducted by a well known whisky host.

Education has always been the key theme to the Festival.This year we introduce the Dewar's Blending Zone, which will incorporate interactive blend tutorials held on the main floor, allowing visitors to go home with their very own blend!

Staying with education, be sure to explore the new Flavour Map, which will allow visitors to discover whiskies of similar flavour to their favourites.

And don't forget the Whisky Workshops. These one-hour tutorials, led by experts who have the knack of explaining whisky jargon in simple everyday language. The Workshops are rated the best value for money at the show ­ a chance to taste unique whiskies generally not available in the Tasting Hall.

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