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Venezia Marathon 26 october

Venice Marathon and the Project

The Venice marathon starts in Stra, a few kilometres east of Padova, then runs through the small towns of the Brenta Riviera, past the Venetian bridges and villas to arrive at the unique finishing line at Riva dei Sette Martiri, on Venice's picturesque waterfront.

A big change for the Venicemarathon Pasta Party this year: the you-can't-miss stop with a hot pasta dish moves from Exposport to Venice!

The athletes will find the Pasta Party just after the finish area, inside the Biennale Gardens.

Runners will be able to stop and replenish their carbo-starving body before taking the boat.

And also...

The project Run for Water, Run for Life promoted by Venicemarathon and Africa Mission – Cooperation and Development was given prominence by the media after reporting the great solidarity results got in 2007. Thanks to the campaign whose aim was to sensitize and to collect funds realized in 2007, it was possible to dig three wells in the arid region of Karamoja, in Uganda.

These new wells will satisfy the water needs of more than 3,000 people!!!

City: Venice
Country: Italy
By: michaelab311
Published on 22-Ott-2008
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