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The second smallest country in Africa packs one huge flavor. On the tiny volcanic archipelago of Sao Tome e Principe Claudio Corallo, an Italian born tropical agronomist, cultivates the descendants of the very first cacao plants to ever arrive in Africa in 1819.

These noble plants receive an overwhelming amount of care in order to produce chocolate of the highest quality. Corallo, with over thirty years experience has developed a wealth of knowledge and superior standards. Only the purest of the pure will do; never are any flavorings or additives allowed to contaminate this exquisite chocolate.

Claudio looks after the plantations and the production with his two sons Niccolò and Amedeo, while their sister Ricciarda and their mother Bettina, manage the business end.

This family tradition is as rich as the volcanic soil in which it has been sewn. Starting his flavorful journey to perfection in the jungles of Zaire and Bolivia and eventually discovering oldest cacao plants in Africa, Claudio Corallo's research and technological and organizational methods have forever impacted the cacao industry. However, even with the advanced technology, the family has a limited production capability and sells predominantly to loyal locals. Their products, including rare and ancient species of coffee also grown on Claudio Corallo plantations, are available on-line.

I would like to say thank you to Claudio, Niccolò and Amedeo for the Great Chocolate and the passion that they use to make it.

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A real experience.

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