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The Ancient world of Pompei

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Enjoy a wonderful visit of the ancient Pompei. Today Pompei is chocked with more than 2,5 million visitors every year: only by escaping the hordes and lingering along its silent streets, you can truly fall under the site’s spell.

On a quiet backstreet, all you need is a little imagination to sense the shadow palpably filling the dark corners, to hear the ancient pipe,falsetto,to envision a rain of rose petals gently covering a Roman senator’s dinner guests.

The evocative archaeological discoveries of Pompei and the surrounded area, object of diggings deepened in the course of the 1800, have exercised a strongest influence on the imaginary of painters and writers in the course of the century, having given back an image vivid and extraordinarily present of the ancient world, with its social, political, daily and artistic truth.

The city was buried in one of the most disastrous volcanic eruptions in history, and that destroyed also Herculaneum and Stabiae.

Walking trought the ruins, enjoy ,in silence, the Pompeian Houses.

There are several types of dwellings in Pompei. Very particular is the type of house inspired by Greek designs richly decorated with a larger number of rooms. The roman dwellings are instead more limited but they have more refinement in garden lay-out.

Pompeii it’s amazing because it covers 2000 years of history and you can actually walk through the ruins and imagine being there 2000 years ago!

City: Naples
Country: Italy
Published on 09-Ott-2008
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