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Galway International Oyster Festival

The world is your oyster 25 / 28 September 2008

The legendary Galway oyster festival will be here soon and for amazing seafood, without comparison Guinness, and live music there is nothing that rivals Galway’s.

“He was a bold man that first eat an oyster” A bold man and a very intelligent one as well. The oyster is arguably natures perfect food. Needing no preparation only the ingenuity to get it open, or shucked as they say in the United States. A crisp wine or maybe a smooth Guinness and it is a meal in itself.

This festival is not the beer chugging, debauchery laden festival one might think, rather an elegant gourmets fancy, but no worries the average Joe will find a place at the table too. For those of you who just want to tip back several pints and several shells, this is your dream party..

Some of the events at the festival include an international oyster opening contest, a pearl of the festival contest which is basically a beauty pageant for the local lassies, and of course several dinners featuring oysters in all their pristine beauty.

The festival is consistently ranked as one of the best in Europe along with Munich’s Oktoberfest so book your tickets online soon and get ready to slurp one of natures wonders.

Starts on the 25th of September and runs until the 28th reserve tickets at the official website

City: Galway
Country: Ireland
By: M&J Staff
Published on 05-Set-2008
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