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St. Petersburg

City of the Tsars

Few cities can offer so many stunning attractions and intriguing moods as St.
Petersburg - City of the Tsars and the Venice of the North.

From the vibrant colours of spring, through the sunny summer days and endless
twilights of the famous White Nights, the brilliant golden sun of autumn, and
into the crisp and brittle brightness of a St. Petersburg winter, the City
casts its own unique spell over visitors.

Although just 300 years old, St. Petersburg has a rich and exciting history,
full of dramatic events and major historical figures. Founded in 1703 by Emperor
Peter the Great as his "window on the West," St. Petersburg enjoys a vibrant,
cosmopolitan atmosphere and some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe.

Palaces, gardens, statues, and arched bridges over graceful canals bring back
the time of the Tsars. Two of the world's greatest art museums top it off.
city is compact, walkable, friendly, manageable, and architecturally intact.

If you have only the slightest interest in culture and history, St. Petersburg
makes for the perfect destination.

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