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I-Livemusic is online now!

new idea from the i-hostels team

On the 1st of August 2008, we launched the "i-Livemusic" project which gives opportunity for young bands just like yours to perform in one of the i-Hostels!

For this, we created where we collect artists and their ideas - so everyone who feels like travelling Europe and performing his/her own music in the multicultural walls of an i-hostel can easily get selected!

*The project*

i-Livemusic is a project created by the, a network of 33 independent European hostels. Selected artists will get the chance to perform their own music in one of the i-Hostels. ....

*Travel with your talent*

i-Livemusic aims at young artists who dream to 'show off' their musical skills in the multicultural and artistic environment of an i-hostel in another country.

*How does i-Music work then exactly?*

When you as young musicians want to take part in the i-Music project, you are to register at and send a short biography, a demo of your music and possibly the link to your webspace (for example MySpace) in the e-mail. You will then appear on the artists list of the i-livemusic project from which each of the 33 i-Hostels can select its favourite artists.

*Let's get started!*

Imagine: jazzing in Athens or Rome, hiphopping in Berlin, rocking in London.

Sounds Interesting?

*Register now and never regret it!

* For more information, check .

also check for all your creative travelling

City: Bruges
Country: Belgium
Published on 09-Ago-2008
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