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Amalfi Coast - Italy

What is it that attracts people?

Growing up, I was always told that Europe and specifically Italy, had some of the best things to offer to travellers; well after two weeks of travelling around France & Spain and few days in Rome, this was confirmed to me as I headed to Amalfi…

Went inside the ferry full of emotions; some were excitement, some were expectations of the unknown, some were a state of peace and relaxation…

After many hours riding waves and wondering about eternity, staring at the horizon, I was faced with the most beautiful views I had ever seen on my travels…The water was the colour you expect to only see in picture books. Actually that describes the cost of Italy perfectly - A Picture of Beauty itself –

Once my arrival in Amalfi, I found, (apart from the stunning beaches, clear, calm waters), the people being so friendly and welcoming; also food and drinks in the town was reasonably priced and surprisingly cheaper that France and Spain!

The only downside of the trip was the bus drive from Sorrento to Amalfi, although the views were incredible as you make your way down to the cliffs.

A lot of people found themselves feeling really ill with all the twists on the road – motion sickness tablets – would have gone down a treat!

Also, you should know, that most of the beaches are private and they are only a few one that you don’t have to pay to get onto.

Amalfi ended my travels perfectly. This place was definitely better than I expected – pure beauty, class and culture! –

Terryn Edwards.

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