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Enjoy August all over the World.
This calendar is a quick step of place and party that you can attend. Enjoy


Follow your nose to the floral parade that is the centrepiece of the Fete Du Jasmin in Grasse. Provence, from the 1st to the 3rd. The town produces 27 tones of jasmine for perfumes including Channel N° 5. To celebrate this fragrant harvest., floats are decorated with thousands of blooms, and girls in floral costumes throw flowers to the crowd. Street performers and local bands add to the festive atmosphere.


See double at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg. Ohio, from the 1st to the 3rd. The town was named in honour of local landowners the Wilcox twins in 1819, and its annual festival – also open to non-twins – combines entertainment (balloon rides, fireworks, a talent show) with open-forum discussions about being a twin. Visit


Get down with Danes at Stella Polaris in Copenhagen, a free concert of ambient electronic music in the landscaped grounds of the Statens Museum for Kunst, Denmark’s national gallery, on the 3rd. Visit for more information.


Don’t believe a word at the Liar’s Festival in Moncrabeau, France, on the 3rd. Where tellers of tall tales vie for the tetle of finest fibber.


The dance scene goes green at the Boom Festival, an open-air celebration of music, art and eco-living on lake Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal on the 11th to the 18th. For more information visit


Cinema gets a breath of fresh air at the Sarajevo Film festival from the 15th to the 23rd. Screenings of the international feature films and documentaries will take place in various locations, including two alfresco venues. There will also be a “talent campus” led by – Hotel Rwanda – director Terry George. See for the programme.


Roll out the barrel at the Fiesta De La Cidra Natural, an annual, four-day cider festival in Gijon, Sapin, starting on the 23rd. Cider is a regional speciality in Asturias, where it is traditionally poured from the height of several feet in order to aerate it. This pouring technique is tricky to master, and the festival includes a competition to find the best cider waiter. There are also free cider tasting and a farmer’s market.


Take to the water in Queensland’s state capital for the Brisbane Riverfestival from the 29th of August to the 7th of September. Highlights include waterside concerts, regattas and the Great Brisbane Duck Race, where thousands of rubber ducks are set afloat on the river. Head to the Kangaroo Point Cliffs for the best view of the “riverfire” pyrotechnics on the 30th. Details at

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