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Battle of wine Valencia

Batalla del Vino

You may have heard about the Tomatina tomato fight held annually in Spain but most people are unaware of Spain’s obsession with throwing things at one another in mock battle!
Next week sees the start of Spain’s stickiest battle to date. On the 29th of June, in Horo, La Rioja, the people gather in the streets for a giant battle. The weapon of choice?... Wine of course! During the annual Batalla del Vino (Battle of wine) locals and tourists take to the streets with jugs, bottles and botas (leather bags filled with wine) with the aim being to soak the opposing team of “enemies” wine throwers! The origin of this bizarre wine festival is centred around a 20th century dispute about the ownership of the Bilibios mounts with a neighbouring village. After the mock battle participants reunite in the plaza for fun, festivities and traditional dances.
If this doesn’t sound crazy enough for you why not dare to check out ant throwing in Laza, Galicia at Carnival time each year . Or even worse is the Battle of the Dead Rat (I kid you not!), during the fiesta of San Pedro Nolasco in the Valencian town of El Puig.
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