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Kuala Lumpur

A city full of surprises

Hear Kuala Lumpur, think Petronas Twin Towers. Eversince emergence of such an engineering miracle right smack in the centre of town, foreigners now know where Malaysia is.

Yes, a proud Malaysian I am. Wih a beaming heart, I'm amazingly glad & proud to have been able to be a part of this wave of new generation, yet still able to live to tell the story of change.

The before & after of Kuala Lumpur is unimaginable, yet amazingly thought provoking.
The story behind te success of Malaysia, the people, the nation, the economy, the fast paced life & the never ending list of achievements. The list goes on.

The major highways that are mushrooming at an amazing rate, which I'm in constant awe in...
I have taken my adventurous drives on numerous routes which are fulfilling as it maks me proud. The small & quaint streets offer the best bargains offering guaranteed authenticity of culture in & around KL city.

China Town, Little India, Arab Street... all this while being surrounded by the enormity of the sky scrapers. Amidst the melting pot of culture in Malaysia, you'll encounter great food. Choose from the local delights to foreign cuisine.

The night scene is booming with many world renowned DJ's stopping by Kuala Lumpur for a night of non-stop shakin'! Step out in KL city, and you never know what to expect. A city full of surprises! But, no matter how advanced we get, or how fast we move, we will always be same warm & welcoming people we have been.

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