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Hostels have often been seen only as an accommodation solution for backpackers. However, even if low price is many times the first reason for a traveller to stay in a hostel, it is not the only reason nowadays for people to choose hostels over hotels. Travellers go to hostels to meet new people, make connections, to learn about different cultures and enjoy the great atmosphere. Today hostels are no longer considered as places only for backpackers but also for people travelling for business, for families and couples. The demand is growing all the time and hostels are changing to meet the needs of the travellers.

Hostels have not been very popular among travelers in Athens because of the many cheap hotels. However, the hostel culture has been taking over rapidly through the years and hostels are now responding better to the needs of the market: people prefer to enjoy their stay in an environment that has a young, cosy and fun atmosphere with multicultural staff!

Last 31 May AthenStyle proudly introduced its new rooms and apartments with an unforgettable view from the roof terrace. AthenStyle is located in the heart of the city of Athens in the historical Monastiraki area and next to the unique Psyri neighborhood. AthenStyle offers private and shared rooms, flats and suites for single travellers, families and couples with the chance to have a private terrace overlooking the Acropolis. AthenStyle in co-operation with the Athens Art and Culture Association will help you discover the real and contemporary part of the city of music, art and street culture, events, exhibitions etc...

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City: Athens
Country: Greece
By: AthenStyle
Published on 18-Giu-2008
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