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After 2nd Game

Euro 2008 live

Second game show already that some team are ready for a long stay on the competition.Euro 2008 start to go deep in to the best of it. Already some team have to go home and others can still hope on continue the tournament.

The 2 finalist of the 2006 Germany World Cup are maybe both out if Roumania will win with Netherlands

Italy: 0-0 with Romania.
France: 4 goals from Netherlands.
Switzerland: The hoste is already at Home.
Greece: already on return to home. We aspected more from the 2004 Champions.
Croazia: It is a good team.

Netherlands: 4 goals, we hope it will continue to play good.
Portugal: Show what it mean play football game

Group A

6 Portugal
3 Czech Republic
3 Turkey
0 Switzerland

Group B

6 Croatia
3 Germany
1 Austria
1 Poland

Group C

6 Netherlands
2 Roumania
1 Italy
1 France

Group D

6 Spain
3 Sweden
3 Russia
0 Greece

City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Published on 15-Giu-2008
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