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Hostel in Italy New Entry

21 cities 24 hostels

Hostel in Italy increase the number of hostels that join the free network.
Only 6 months are past and the number are grow fast.
We can count 21 cities and 24 hostels located all over the "Boot".
The last 2 hostels that joined are in order
Perugia Farmhouse Backpacker Hostel -
Locate in Perugia 1 hr from Florence in the center of Umbria.
OndaRoad Beach Hostel
Located in a wonderful beach in Calabria.
Easy to reach it on the way or from Sicily, or just after had a great time in the Amalfi Coast.

We are waiting for more hostels to join the Network

Thank you

City: Venice
Country: Italy
Published on 12-Giu-2008
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