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Bruges , Belgium

A wonderful Big small City

Bruges. If there's just one city you want to visit in Belgium, go to Bruges. Included in 2000 on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the city is also known as the Venise of the Nord.

With its romantic canals and its cobbled alleys you got the impression to go back to medieval times. Bruges is also a city for gastronomic restaurant lovers. It's a kept secret, but Flemish food is one of the bests on earth.

So open the door of a real Flemish restaurant and enjoy!

Check also the several museums Bruges has: the Groeninge Museum for artistic works from the 15th to 21th century, the 'molens' or mills transformed in museum or the Hospitaalmuseum that contains hospital collections.

Plan to go also on a daytrip to Zeebrugge.
Experience see, sun (if the weather allows you...)and free movie in the summer!

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