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Santorini - Greece

a paradise summer Island

Santorini, one of the most famous islands of the Aegean sea, differs from the others islands of the Cyclades thanks to its geographical morphology, the result of the activity of a dormant volcano.

The large eruption which took place in the 16th century BC caused a large part of the island to sink and create a large crater, a phenomenon rarely seen anywhere in the world.
The steep coastline to the west gives way to vast beaches on the east side, some with sand and others with pebbles.

Fira is the capital can be reached by foot or funicular railway or on donkey-back.

This is an important Archeological Museum with a large collection of vases dating from 7th and 6th century BC including the *Thera ware*, also a Prehistorical Thera Museum.

Ancient Thura is a great archeological site, occupied by Phoenecians, Dorians, Romans, and Byzantines.

The site of Akrotiri,one of the most significant archaeological sites of Greece, has yielded the remains of a Minoan city destroyed around 1500BC by an eruption of the volcano.

On the highest pick of Santorini is a monastery of the Prophet Elijah.

The traditional village of Ia is a place of incomparable beauty. The famouse House on soft rocks - some with white-washed, others painted blue or ochre -.

There is a superb view out to sea, while it is also famous for its sunset.

Among the best bathing beaches some with black sand and other with pebbles are Kamari, Armeni, Amoudi, Perissa, Bexedes, Perivolos, Monolithos.

The peculiarities, of the natural enviroment the unusual architecture and the outstanding muments of Santorini attract very large number of visitors in the summer.

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